I had an epiphany, today would be the day that I give a piece of me to the world from this day forth. No specifics, no holding back, just my truth. My mind works all the time a.k.a I’m an insomniac, so why not just give you guys an extra added opinion to the crazy things we unfortunately have to deal with daily.

Being a mom has changed me in so many ways, sadly it never changed my sarcasm or assholish delivery or way of thinking. On the other hand it did give me a more conservative and loving sense of being. If you actually new me you would see that it blends perfectly together as well. Ha.

What I also discovered today is how I now have to battle the unfortunate lack of authentic souls in today’s society. With kids, this actually becomes something of great importance. How can you teach this to your kids when everything around us is a “fad” or some new found twisted way of what “is” life. I mean have you guys seen the video “throw that boy pussy” šŸ˜³

Parenting is not something that comes with ease, it’s a full time worrisome..tiring….JOB. I think of how I just knew to respect my parents as a child. How I just knew what was right or wrong. How just the fear of being caught doing anything was good enough to stop me from doing anything, regardless of who was doing it. Smh. What the hell changed? Why is society so driven on being no holds barred and open with everything? The word taboo should be stricken from the dictionary because there is no such thing anymore.

Boundaries much?

Let me sleep on this and start over tomorrow. Welcome to my world people.


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