Relationships Part 1

It’s amazing how we find ourselves in so many differently “labeled” relationships but most of them all needing the same ingredients to be considered healthy.

Like for instance the unconditional love most mothers give their children is something unconsciously searched for when a man looks towards a woman. We are to love you as she does, like how she asked you as a child to put your shoes away cause she probably tripped over them constantly….yep, I find myself doing that a lot. Not my favorite thing by the way.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that all relationships are DIFFICULT. No matter who it is with, there is a moment were there will be a test of will’s and will not’s. There will be fights and arguments. No one will ever agree with you to every extent unless you have hired a yes man/woman to follow you around. With this being said where do you cross the line of disagreements? Regardless of label, when do you say enough is enough.

Specifically speaking in the dating realm, how far is unconditional love suppose to go? Is one wrong for feeling that harsh tones and aggressive mannerisms at times is strong evidence of what is conditional love or should it be understood as a momentary spark of irritation or dissatisfaction. At this moment you begin to doubt yourself, blame yourself and the inner negative behavior begins.

The power of relationships with people are so strong it can cause one to feel like the biggest and best, as well as make someone feel as the smallest ant. So when we begin to demand respect, why does this become a time for defensive behavior instead of a moment of understanding that it is a right that every human deserves?

We have to start taking some social accountability that the interactions we have with our parents, siblings, children, significant others, friends, etc…it all has a powerful effect on a persons mental state and well being. If I grow up in an environment that teaches love is hitting, cursing, etc. You can’t be surprised if the cycle is continued in the friends I have, with my children, and anyone else I may let enter my life.

So to wrap part 1 of this up, I leave you with this one question…..

Are all the relationships in your life meaningful and an ideal model of what you want and need?