Confused State of Black

One word. 


Yep. You guessed it, ‘Formation’ is the cause of my confusion. Not the song. Not the visual. But the lack of drive it produced in black people versus the uproar it created for white america. Not all, but a whole helluva lot. 

The craziest thing to me, is I watch old documentaries and I see how when black folk had less rights and a gesture similar to Beyonce’s would have black folk feeling good, feeling great and on top of the world. Somehow because we have become ‘comfortable’ and complacent in our battle of rights…..this didn’t have that effect on the mass level it should have. 

I’m sure you have read multiple articles about her and how it just wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH. AND SOMEHOW we are masking this under some weird sick twist of black support yet claiming a sister of our own race is being a cultural appropriater in a sense because she’s not from New Orleans….cause she ain’t doing this or that. 


No Beyonce is not our savior and no it wasn’t the deepest and most prophetic lyrics to the song. But she made her own statement that basically embodied the love of herself and who and what she is, her family..etc. We are so slaved and hateful mentally, we couldn’t get inspired. We couldn’t get up and let this just go in the books as a cultural landmark of change…..oh no. 

Love and support IS saying I see you sista! Love and support IS saying I stand beside you sista. 

Love and support is NOT “eh it ain’t that big of a deal”. Love and support is also NOT, “but why now? I mean why you wait this long?” 🙄 I mean does she really mean it tho? I mean but what else has she done? Blah blah blah. Nothing is supportive or even constructive about those things. 

There’s a disconnect here, we are choosing to judge rather than join. Our people lash out at someone who so boldly decided that they would make their own personal statement on what she loves about her people, while paying homage to a city that was forgotten under water for a few weeks by a white leader…to a group that was terrorized and yet made to be a terrorist group in white america, yep black panthers, also made it thirty times more clear, by including thirty black queens to join her and all in the month of ‘Black History’ celebration. 

We complain about tv not loving us enough, so she took one of the biggest platforms of our only month to show love…did we love and support her back?! HELL NO!! A million bloggers instantly tried to drag her, and justify it by calling it support but saying its not black enough at the same time. White Americans called it DISGUSTING, because she was so black in love. Yep that’s a big juicy contradiction. 


It’s crazy how we side with the Master, and call it love. Smh. #SlaveMentality

Criticism versus Inspiration <<<— I say the visual should have sparked a flame, small or big. Most say it could be better. Flame not sparked I suppose. 

Malcolm was not Elijah, Huey and Bobby were not Eldridge, Farrakhan is not Jessie, Martin Luther was no Fred…..all are powerful names yet reached different sectors of our community but all can incite a different form of pride in our people. We vibrate and gravitate to the aspects of each person for different reasons, yet was any perfect or did any deliver a message just right? Absolutely not. Does that take away from their position? Hell no. 

If we took the time to truly criticize ourselves and what we send out in the manner we do to those who are publicly seen, our true contributions would be minimal and diluted by the inherented hate and white man produced feeling to not salute each other, just critics of what we have no experience. 

These famous people and their actions should only be inspiration and monarchs of the change you should feel in your spirit when it comes to the celebration of the pride of our people. We go back and forth to tear her down and what we NEED to do is reach out to see past HER, so you can see the you and I in her statement of loving our black.  Hopefully you love your blackness as well I do. 


But I digress! I can’t make yall drink this water. Free yourself family and get inspired. ✊🏾


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