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Angry Black Girl

You know what?!! 

She gets hungry. She gets sleepy. She gets tired. She gets happy. She feels accomplished. She feels let down. She feels appreciated. She feels empowered. She is just she. And sometimes she gets sad. 

Quit putting “her” in the box when you see her. Quit thinking because she didn’t jump for joy at your first encounter she doesn’t know what joy is. Quit with the idea that she’s broken. 


She wants to be free. She wants to be able to live like anyone else. She wants to be able to smile or frown, laugh or scream or cuss, without you automatically thinking she has no brain or is some hood chick full of dismay. She could write you a thousand word essay without one cuss word or colloquialism, but what does that really say? She’s uneducated or you’re just a simpleton? 


She’s  extremely tired of being told that She can’t be tired! As if She doesn’t have enough work on her back, Nope she must still fight and push through. 

She has to work all day, take care of the kids, family or whoever needs her. Be pretty at the eye of any and every man. Speak with grace and walk with pride. Sexiness must exude from her eyes. No pain can show in her face. No attitude or she’ll be labeled a disgrace. She can’t say no. She can’t express her uneasy feeling of how this is cheating. Nope. She must smile. Smile through it all. 


I hate the stereotype of “angry black woman”!! A woman with an opinion that just so happens to be black, is not ANGRY!!! She’s just a person, like you. 

You know what? She is me, she is you, she is her, her, her and her! She is even a he at times. She just wants to make the best out of this lonely world. She just wants to make the sun shine for her, you and I. She wants peace. Peace of mind. And a piece. A piece of pride, a piece of love, a piece of worth, a piece of importance! 

Got damn she’s a beast. She needs to be soothed. She needs to not be taught that she will have to do all the works of the world. She can be a little girl. She can laugh. She can play. She can be anything except THE ANGRY BLACK GIRL.