i’m just politicking 

I use to say I hate politics and discussing them with the people I love. Well I grew out of that and would rather know, learn and grow with those people than not. I think what has happened in this most recent election has us a little too close to the edge. A little too quick to share an opinion. Without FACTS. 

Truth is politicians are set up on a pedestal to protect the “normal” guy aka us idiots. One could say that there are more idiots in politics than one should allow. So this is quite the contradiction. This is true as well. But we allowed them to get there. So birds of a feather flock…..nah that’s bullshit. We aren’t flocking together, we are just so docile in our own worlds that we truly don’t understand the system. We do nothing to change it and complain about it more times than not. We devalue ourselves and admit to the pedestal. 

The one thing that bothers me the most, we don’t set out to educate and stand together….we talk to see who can make the biggest fool out of who. We say disrespecedtful words and then finger point to who “started” it to shift blame. It’s disgusting. Not just as a citizen, but as a mother, a sister, a friend. 

Even outside of politics, we are socially bound to enlighten and educate. Why is this so uncomfortable? Why is insanity more powerful? Well, once you find the answers let me know. I’m baffled. The same people that will disregard and disrespect someone else, quickly rallies to be the hero and save another because of some sick sense of patriotism gone wrong. 


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