Well hello there January 1 

I initially planned on purging everything that transpired in 2016 but as I sat down and started going over everything in the world….I just got super gloomy and hella wore out. Personally I can put 2016 on one of the greats for me and my family. 

Society?!! Not so much. It was like let down after let down, racial bias and negativity grew on the surface insanely…the deaths…the injustice….the brutality…..the hate amongst people…the backpedal  of “leaders”….the highest regarded seat in the nation handed over to a sociopath. The constant attack on black men yet pillaging and raping of the culture that terrifies people. The blatant disrespect towards our “first historically pushed” black president. The misogynistic atmosphere masked under progressive views. As a (black) woman, mother, sister, daughter, friend….most importantly just as a human….I literally backspaced everything and took a shot of Captain Morgan. 

As the year closed, I simply became just happy that Atlanta and Insecure became a thing on major networks. Well and it also being the year of great musical releases. Ok….Seriously, other than that and a 4 for $12 Coke deal at H.E.B….this was all I could thank society for. But eh…

Here’s how my planned impact for 2017 came about…. 

Through multiple conversations before midnight, I realized we all had something to work towards this year personally to counteract the most recent social changes. Not the typical ‘I want to lose ten pounds’ or ‘not be so much of a loose Betty and settle down’ work. We need more of the I want to share more love within myself and teach my kids or those around me how to love on exchange, so that anyone that interacts with me is inspired or changed in some way. 

I received a call from a friend that made me cry the hardest in happy tears. Not because he called in general as all friends do during the closing of the year, but the fact that he called to tell me the power of me being me as a friend and how it had impacted him, the love he spoke over my life, my relationship, and our friendship. Then the responses through text and emails of other friends I started to get,  all of them had the same theme…I am what I preach. I definitely fall victim of the flesh don’t get me wrong, but the change I want to see….I walk the walk and not just say it. That’s the biggest problem we all face! 

Someone asked me once, “you can’t be that happy all the time?”….they were right and I told them so. I’ve had my moments when patience runs thin, I hate to be disrespected in any sense of the word. I hate ignorance. I’m super picky and I am a control freak. I’m human and a woman, I go through every emotion that’s possible and maybe even some we don’t have names for. However, I don’t give anything my power…for one, I’m to young for wrinkles and two…if I spend more time being angry that means I have less time to solve, evade or remove any issue that could come up. Plus life is a game of constants and variables, and we will never know which falls under which category at first. 

I’m not the most religious person, however anyone that understands basic principles or moral guidelines that call for a positive and productive life should get this scripture in its entirety.

Galatians 5:22-5:23                                             The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 

So After I heard this again, for the thousandth time in life, exactly 30 minutes before midnight I felt more empowered sharing the strength and power that 2017 can embody than the weaknesses of the past. This new set of 365 days mean absolutely nothing if we don’t get out of our comfort zone! We live in love of the flesh so much, that we forget simple practices that can help us and others see a future that’s less evil. You don’t have to have money or items to give to the world when you have a spirit of gold. You don’t have to go to church or be a religious fanatic to complete this task either.

One could say we all have the ideal of what God is inside of us, when you pray…you pray to yourself in silence…whether you practice in energies or vibrations….it’s all a matter of manifestation. Whatever you believe, it all sums down to you being the source…with no works there are no fruits. 

You can fight for all that is right but if your spirit is in dismay, no one will listen. If you are not the embodiment spiritually or morally of  what you want your surroundings to be, you’re your own roadblock. None of this is easy and it takes way more work to be positive honestly.  So here’s a personal challenge list I came up with…..

  1. Be present and find joy in every moment. 
  2. Make your space as peaceful as possible, no one has the right to enter that space unless invited. 
  3. Find control in your triggers or those random things that’s just not worth the stress. 
  4. Forgive yourself for what you can’t change or those who have wronged you. 
  5. Do something good or kind out of love, not to share on social media but for the actual feeling you get in the moment. 
  6. Keep your faith or vibrations on high, speak positive and life into yourself and those around you.
  7. Master self control. Moderation is key in all things, anything in too much of a high dose can be deadly to your spirit. 
  8. Lastly, if your list of wants is longer than your needs…be thankful for what is and work towards what shall be. 

Long story short go be great in all that you do, we have so many generational curses that need to be broken. Without doing and just talking, the cycle will repeat.

Happy living! šŸ˜‰


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