The funny thing about life is that you never know who, why or what; or how it can be flipped upside down in a short span of time. And I recently had to accept what I couldn’t change and truly give up my anger and gather my power……

Let me paint a picture for y’all
I was randomly looking for a receipt for something. I rummaged through my email and I ran across a specific thread from years ago. It had no relevance but popped in the search results for some reason. I took the time to read through them, to relive a moment in time that was bitter sweet. This song by Bishop Briggs (feel the way I do) popped on. I cried a good hour in my car, on my lunch. The words, good and bad, that I just took in. It touched me in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Especially not on this day. Not after this amount of time. One could say easily, hate and anger should consume me from this particular moment in life. 
But that’s when I realized…it didn’t. And I had to really swallow a few things. 
We ended before we started; we got, what most would take years to experience. We just completed it in such a short time. It was a world-wind and the pure definition of a soul-tie. This bond is indescribable in a way. There was no resolve. There was no closure. There was a wall. A wall we both took time to build and swear to never relive. 

This song is now one of my favorites because it helped me relinquish some things that needed their freedom. 
I had to accept more recently that my forgiveness of him, came from a willing and natural exchange of energy between us. A piece in which I gave access to very few people, if any honestly. In hindsight, I had to be thankful that I experienced this….the magnitude of emotion and care, not through touch but through words. To also accept the love I had found in my soul and that the true entrance to my soul is a gateway and path built through the loops and turns of my mind. He wasn’t my enemy. I just gave him more of me than I really knew on the surface level. 
We are who we are, but you have to accept the beauty even when we aren’t. The beauty of a connection in the metaphysical is rare and dangerous, but addicting to a degree. 

Be careful of who you expose your soul to. ✌🏽


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