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Parenting 101

Day #1790 

The joys of being a parent are enormous compared to some things, well that’s if you are or will choose to become one. You get to watch them coo and try to hold the bottle, explode out of a diaper, walk for the first time. Say mama for the first time. Have a slightly intelligent conversation and not pronounce half the words correctly. Kinda cute. 

They will even call you on your shit. Not so cute because you thought you had this “adulting” thing down, but nevertheless a great laugh in hindsight.
This almost sounds like I’m going to convince someone to be a parent, right? Eh not so much. As much as I love being a parent, I have days that I really think the doctor sent me the wrong kids home. Lol. Let’s talk about day 1790. 

Pretty normal Monday if I could say so myself. So I thought. Dad stays home a lot later to spend time with me and the boys. I get to wake up late. Get Mase ready for school and then off they go! Perfect start of the day. I only had to leave the house once I said. I could clean and fold the two baskets of clothes I neglected this weekend. Then I could prep the food for dinner, Caleb and I could pick up Mase. Easy breezy. Yeah… Not at all. 

Throw a few tantrums in there while folding and a freak poop accident in the bathroom. That should have been a sign for what was going to happen in the next 6 minutes after making it back home. 

As we are walking up the stairs, the cutest thing happens Mase is being a great big brother. He says no Caleb, I’ll help you…grab my hand. My heart melted. I whipped out my phone and captured the moment. Threw a quick filter on there and proceeded to make my motherly post of the week. 

I step outside for literally 2 minutes. 

No exaggeration. No minimizing. It was probably 1 minute and 52 seconds. Mase opens the door as always and says mama look

There was no way I couldn’t capture this and send it to dad, grannies and papas lol.

Yep. That just happened. In 1 minute and 52 seconds. While I focused on picking up toys and folding cute pj’s, I completely forgot that Dad had left his clippers out AND PLUGGED IN. Who felt like a horrible parent for one millisecond??? Not me! Oh no! I closed the door immediately and chuckled. Ha. Yep. Sure did. 

I didn’t yell or fuss. I didn’t reprimand him at all. Because just hearing him say over and over “mama my hair” while sulking was pretty much enough punishment in my eyes. 

The silver lining for me and major takeaway, is that even though I knew I couldn’t fix it (yet still tried) we bonded for that 30 minutes. I did text a few close friends like what in the what am I doing?!??! For a brief moment I questioned my parenting. Very brief. Very quick. Then as we washed his hair, and he laughed more and was even happier.  I mean completely oblivious to this massacre that took place with the clippers and I on his poor head. 

At that moment, I realized I am a pretty ok mom. And sometimes shit just happens, you just kinda have to go with it and find a way. No point in questioning or getting down about it, what’s done is done. 

Andddddd also that I shouldn’t ever put clippers in my hand and attempt anything like that again. Andddddd yes we will be getting up even earlier to go the barbershop to get this fixed! Lol. 

Happy Parenting