Let’s first address the picture you seen when you clicked on this link. That is me, at the age of one and even on the brink of thirty whatever. The most important thing you should take from that other than the, “who you talking to” look on my face, is there is support behind me. Which in its essence there is support behind you, if you take the time to read my post, you are my support. For readers specifically, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s God, but we will never walk this path alone beloved. Believe me

Writing is a passion that I’ve had since my mom handed me my first poem book. The magic of words and how they can bring you the sweetest joy yet the greatest pain, is a passion. My goal is to help you acknowledge the pain and the joy, then accept the silver -lining. I unintentionally thrive off of being my authentic self, while making someone else think, cry, smile, laugh and sincerely see we are all in this together. I truly believe one word at a time, can possibly change this world.

Walk with me as I figure me out and maybe help you, figure you out too!


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